Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Early Start Week 2

The second week of early starting saw just about enough light for the two competitors to do two laps without problems - whether or not we run next week for the last time depends on the weather on the day I'd say.

Dave Scott turned up to ride and pay his subs. Tom turned up to ride and collect them.

Gary turned up to tell us all there was no pub on Thursday and the Timelord turned up to flash his lovely black eye courtesy of the weekend's horse box contretemps....

Results below:

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Early start TT

 Everyone remembered the new 18.30 start time even one new face tonight too - Mr Ian Mitchelson who produced a time good enough to put him into 6th place in the overall times and first place on the night. Mr Adam Standeven on his first two lap attempt moved into 21st best time overall.

Two PBs as well. Mr Chris Pierpoint removing 10 seconds from his previous best and Mrs Samantha Mann removing a whopping 3.32 from her first attempt last week. The Timelord put some air in her tyres this week.... 😀

All in all a great night with no traffic lights, rain or wind.  See you all next week.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Club 100 mile record broken

 I have been advised that on the 5th September Greg Elwell rode 3:44:25 in the B.D.C.A. 100 on the A100/4 beating the previous best time held by Martin Gargett. Congratulations Greg. He placed 30th in the event.

TT with traffic lights and rain

 Tonight saw two new faces riding for the first time not helped by rain and temporary lights right on the Spring Rock corner. 

We had Craig Tranmer on his first ever two laps putting him to 41st place on the overall all-time leaderboard. Chapeau Craig. 

We also had Samantha Mann riding trike with e-assist on her first time at two laps coming in at 45th overall on the same board.

That means I'll have to do two laps on trike now as well........  :(

Chris, Craig and John made up the balance of the two lappers whilst Gary had had enough with one tonight.

Worst part of the night was putting the trike back together after transportation in the car - too near the ground for my liking - my back is killing me now..... :( 

Results below:

After a brief discussion we have elected to move the start time to 18:30 next week and onwards to try to get in a few more weeks with adequate daylight.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

TT Catch Up

This week was warm and still and we had 4 riders including 1 totally new face - Adam Standeven who having already ridden round twice to warm up opted to do just the one lap. 

He also opted to stop pedalling before the line and therefore only managed to be 6th fastest One Lap timer on his first go! He has been suitable instructed to not stopping pedalling next week! :)

Only regular present this week was "Young" Tom and the other two places were filled by Chris and John appearing for the first time this season.

Results for the week below along with the results from two weeks ago held back for the write up on Derick. Last week of course it rained and blew a gale...

and we all had more sense!

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Mr Derick Needham - RIP

 As you will see from the post put up by his son Daniel on our Facebook page our esteemed Honorary President Mr Derick Needham passed away yesterday.

There will be a card for members to sign at the start of tomorrow night's Thursday ride and also in the pub afterwards courtesy of Reid.
In the current Covid circumstances members will be unable to attend the funeral but I understand from Daniel that Adrian Lee will bee present to represent the club.
Hon. Treasurer

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

A change in the weather...

 Apparently the temperature was around 28 degrees. The ride out was certainly a trifle warmer and less windy than of late. The near perfect conditions saw 3 more riding tonight to bring the total to 7. One PB for young Tom (Simms) which saw him move up the overall list by 6 places. A first time at 2 laps for Rebecca tonight as well. 

Still seem to be a lot of people "washing their hair"...........??