Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Rollers week 5

A total of eight were present last night.  Seven riding as the Timelord felt like having a night off from needless suffering.

The junior section put on a fine display with Jude riding 3 PBs in a row and Charlie not far behind with 2.

(The Timelord wrongly credited Charlie with a PB at 1000m on the night but it turns out he had gone faster in the first week of the season and the TL forgot to turn over the page.)

It should be noted that Charlie was riding on cyclo-cross tyres so when we get him back on smoothies we expect further improvements.

Charlie was also the winner of the handicap for the second time this season even with a reduced distance due to his better times of 270m rather than 310m he had last time.

The rest of the riders were just content with getting to the finish and hoping that at some point the club might replace the belts again......

As previously mentioned we are still awaiting an influx of new faces.........

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Rollers Week Four

Tonight saw the arrival of two new faces in the shape of Mark Mageean and Adrians' protege Jude.

Mark started carefully with a 22.0 and then proceeded to leap up the league table into 7th place overall with a PB of 20.54.

Jude started a tad more slowly in the 500m but reduced his time down with a PB on his final ride of the 3 with a 25.87.  However he then managed to get himself a very respectable 50.58 in the 1000m to give him 15th place in the overall. Obviously a distance man rather than a sprinter.

The rather rapid Mr Mageean also took himself straight to 7th place in the 1000m league table with a 47.93.  Great things are expected if he can ever manage another free night to get back down the cellar. (bring the kids Mark.)

On only his second visit Chris P. took an immediate PB on his first ride to claim the Fez and moved up to 24th place overall in the league table with 22.87.

The old lags acquitted themselves as best they could with the only serious issue of the night being the Hon. Chairs' failure to record a time for the Hon Treasurer on his second ride. Hon Treasurer was certain that he did a sub 20 seconds but apparently this wasn't to be recorded for posterity......

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Rollers Week 3

Following a hiatus last week caused by workmen putting pipes in for the new shop upstairs the pain resumed. No new faces to be seen this week after our 55th rider was counted the fortnight before.  Well done to Chris P. Still waiting for the rest of you new boys to come along and show us how it's done......

Results below.  No PBs tonight and the only ride that was notable was that of the Hon Treasurer who managed to ride his second slowest time of the night with a 50m start in the handicap round...Obviously his new inhaler is not up to Froome standards.......

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Rollers week 2

8 riders this week, I believe that's a PB for Matthew P!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Rollers Week 1

An early start at the cellar was required to clean thick layers of dust from everything caused by whatever works are being done to convert the cake shop into a "convenience store". It also proved necessary to replace the tyre on my fixie despite the fact that it was barely 20 years old.  Cheap modern rubbish.

I would like to say there were a lot of new faces......but there were not.  A reasonable total of ten att5endees with nine riding one or more times. Mr Gargett refrained on account of being rear-ended by a moron in a car on his daily commute and needing to rest his back.

The bar was set high by Charlie parry who rode a PB on his first go of the new season and then proceeded to ride a further 3 500ms AND a 1000m just to remind us that we are all old and past it.

He was however unable to take the handicap first place due to the Timelord having such a bad first (and only) ride that his handicap was ridiculously high. That showed the young whipper-snapper!
As a result I was able to award myself a pie at the Cross Keys..... :)

Results are below:

Monday, 5 November 2018

2018 TT Training Results and Roller prospects

Some time ago I compiled the results of the Norland 2018 season but they got buried under a pile of bone idleness, so just in time for the start of rollers, here are the overall best times at the end of the  season.

Few people were able to better their 2017 efforts - those who did are highlighted in red with the amount of improvement shown as a minus.

Six in total posted faster two lap times with the biggest improvement being 30 seconds for Chris Timson.

On the two-lap board, Chris Smith did not ride this year but retained his number 1 spot by just 20 seconds from Blair Buss riding for the first time and going straight to number 2. Last year's number 3 Martin Gargett was overtaken by just 3 seconds by Ben Stead.

On the one-lap board a new number 1 saw Tom Brabbin displace Chris Timson by 11 seconds on the last night of the season and his first 1 lap only ride.

Five riders improved at 1 lap with Graham Lloyd scoring the biggest improvement at 1 minute 55 seconds.

Twenty-nine different people rode this year, seven of whom had not ridden before since we moved the start from the Moorcock (our best year, 2015 saw thirty-nine ride).

Now looking ahead to rollers I have looked at the stats for 2016 and 2017 and it is noticeable that we had only one rider go faster at 500m in 2017 - a certain Mann Junior and only one rider go faster at 1000m - a certain Mr Ramsden. Obviously an insufficiency of weetabix was being ingested - either that or it's time we put some more new belts on.

Anyway we hope to see some NEW faces in the cellar once we have dusted the contents tomorrow.....

Yes that does mean YOU!!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Hill Climb 2018

Despite an attempt by the Hon Event Secretary to confuse everyone by issuing a start sheet with a different time to that in the handbook nonetheless a hill climb was run successfully today.  Despite the Hon Event Secretary's ability to pick days when events are cancelled for snow and London pea-souper type fog the tail end of storm Ali had buggered off and conditions were probably as ideal as they can be for people wanting to push themselves beyond the limits of human sanity.

Well done to all who rode today. Appended below are the overall results along with the positions of the eight Imps who rode. No records were broken today but everyone appeared to have a good time.

See you all next year......