Saturday, 22 September 2018

Hill Climb 2018

Despite an attempt by the Hon Event Secretary to confuse everyone by issuing a start sheet with a different time to that in the handbook nonetheless a hill climb was run successfully today.  Despite the Hon Event Secretary's ability to pick days when events are cancelled for snow and London pea-souper type fog the tail end of storm Ali had buggered off and conditions were probably as ideal as they can be for people wanting to push themselves beyond the limits of human sanity.

Well done to all who rode today. Appended below are the overall results along with the positions of the eight Imps who rode. No records were broken today but everyone appeared to have a good time.

See you all next year......

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


J. DOHERTY                                    1. 20. 57
N. DYSON                                        1. 21. 04
M. CLEMINSON                               1. 21. 04
S. GULLY                                         1. 33. 59
J. KAYE                                            1. 37. 27
A. LEE                                               1. 41. 42
J. HOPKINSON                                 1. 41. 42
J. SALEEM                                        1. 42. 37
A. MANN                                           1. 44. 57
S & C STANGER (tandem)               1. 48. 02
P. SUTCLIFFE                                   DNF

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Time Trial Training - week 19 another year ends.

For our final night of Norland naughtiness we had one new face and our youngest ever competitor as Charlie brought his dad along to show him how it ought to be done. In full Imps kit he managed a time of 19.18 which seems to me to be pretty quick for a chap of six. We expect great things....

The other last nighters were Tom and Ian who both sensibly opted for a one lap finale which saw Tom pinch the fastest one lap time for 2018 from Chris Timson.

An end of season supper will be organised shortly at a venue as yet to be decided.  Watch this space.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Time trail training week 18

After the fort had been held last week by Gary with a considerable dearth of riders the return of the usual watch keeper saw a total of 4 for what (based on last year's end date) is the final session of the year. Still evening with not a drop of wind but end of season legs saw no records tumble tonight.

Results are below:

However, unless the weather proves particularly unseasonable or dark we will still run next week but then we shall be calling it a day. I am already working on the overall results of the season.....

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Time Trial Training Week 16

After the rather blustery conditions of the previous few weeks we returned to balmy and calm. Or more likely barmy and over-excited, but that's enough about me...

 A field of five saw two PBs for Tom and Blair. Tom working in the marginal gains school improving by 1 second and Blair on the just-a tiny-bit-less-marginal gains school by 5.

This does not move either of them in the overall standings but chapeau nonetheless.

Next week the Timelord will be absent doing "Ride The Lights" in Blackpool but his apprentice,
G Bray Esquire has kindly volunteered to oversee proceedings.

Results below - see you in a fortnight!