Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Rollers 19 March 2019

Practically a crowd last night with six riding and two in the audience with Mr President attending and Reid also putting in a non-competetive appearance. He has promised to return more sportingly attired before the end of the season in order to get his name on the board.

The Young Turk started the evening by once again reducing his 500m time - down now to 21.22 which puts him at unlucky 13th in the overall. The Owd Codgers managed to do quite well too with both Adrain, Martin and John getting their fastest times of the season. Neil and the Timelord both managed to be worse than the previous week but at least they were there......

After the usual 3 runs at 500 each the Yoof then undertook to reduce his 1000m time as this is the only longer distance where he doesn't already hold the number 1 spot.  This he managed in style with a 44.48 (down from 47.38) taking him up to 3rd place overall behind Big Paul and Tom B.

A second attempt at the distance proved one ride too much but we believe that next week if he starts with the 1000m he can move up again. Chapeau Jude.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

IMPS support Halifax Rider in her shot at the big time in Belgium

As participants in the Ride to the Sun series of Reliability Rides it was the turn of the Imps this year to decide what to do with the money raised.

The series has only been running 3 years but has donated over £1500 to local charities and cyclists who are going to race abroad. This year the money raised went  Amy Cowton

She is receiving just over £700 from the series. Every single person who has ridden one of the rides has had a part to play in helping Amy race abroad in Belgium with the best in the world.
Amy -
"I’m heading out on the 1st April until the end of September. The team is called Hoop Op Zegen Beveren (Team HOZ for short). I will be based in Zottegem and I’m renting a house with 3 other friends. We will be doing most of the kermesses in Belgium, as well as a few crit races in Holland. We are also doing a number of UCI races, such as Houthalen and Nijlen. I’ve been working full time (40-50 hours a week) at my local pub the Moorcock Inn, Norland to save up for the trip to Belgium. I also have a fundraising evening at The Moorcock, where local companies donated prizes for a raffle and I ran a pub quiz. I have also been extremely lucky to receive support from Orange Bikes to have a fantastic bike to race on."

Thanks to every rider who has ridden one of the events. Once again this year it was a monumental success and continues to grow.
Amy is pictured receiving her cheque from Club President Derek Needham alongside Messrs Sadler & Collins series organisers and a random IMP to make up the numbers.......


Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Rollers 5th and 12th March 2019

Last week saw the sudden appearance of Mr Dyson who apparently had thought the rollers were no longer being run (at least that's what he said at the March monthly meeting).  As it turned out he wasn't that out of practice as he got the second fastest time of the night (the young Turk not being in attendance.)

This week saw Mr Dyson return once more along with the Young Turk and the Time Lord finally managed to produce a roller specific tyre which was fitted to the yellow bike ie the blue roller.  This seemed to improve the running quite a bit. Certainly slightly faster and much smoother and quieter.

As a result of it being rated 145 psi we also decided to pump up the other two bikes as well and as a result, all the old people managed to be somewhat faster and the yoof furnished two more PBs, bringing his 500m down to 21.68 taking him up to 14th overall and passing his 2000m mark of 1.53.37 to get down to 1.45.98 with the help of three assistant spotters and shouters.

Jude then closed the evening by looking at all his times to see "how much more he can do before the end of the season". Watch this space.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Rollers 26 February 2019

On what was apparently a balmy summer's eve another session in the cellar saw the old lags ably assist the young Turk to reduce his PB for 3000m from 3.15.34 to 2.51.34 and then just to round things off he decided to set a 4000m mark.

Again ably assisted by the olduns he rode a commendable 4.03.75.  He had been aiming for 4 or under but we didn't tell him to wind it up early enough. He'll manage it for sure next time he tries.

Chapeau to Jude and is anyone feeling brave enough to try to beat these marks?  I think he might be setting a 5000m and more before we finish in the dungeon!

Come on out you wIMPS!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Rollers 19 February 2019

Highest numbers for a while saw even the Timelord manage to ride 3x 500s for once. No PBs for anyone but nonetheless a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Below are printable audax-style route sheets for the two Reliability Ride distances. See you Sunday!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Rollers 12 February 2019

This week saw a new face for the roller experience in the form of Mr Blair Buss who became the 58th person to try the 500m and the 36th to try the 1000m since we re-started the rollers back in the dawn of time or 2014 as it is now known.

Unfortunately for Mr B. he made the beginner's mistake of doing his best first time on his first ride thereby rendering himself ineligible for a PB with fez at least for this outing.

The same could not however be said of that old hand (well he is now) Mr Greaves who took a fez on ALL three of his 500s and then proceeded to take a fourth on the 1000m. 

There was some consternation when the fez could not be found at first for application to Mr G's nut but it was eventually found sadly squashed by some idiot workman and restored to a more circular circumference.

Mr B proved that he is more of a distance man by taking 6th spot overall with his 1000m time whilst Jude's effort took him up to 8th.

Jude is now sitting in 16th spot for 500 and Blair has gone in at number 24.

Jude is currently in the process of getting a Cannondale of some sort via the Bike to Work scheme so he will be ready for when we go back up to Norland.  

The other regulars also had their fastest times for some while. Something to do with it being warmer apparently although the only place this warmth could be discerned was outside.....

Chapeau to the stalwart quartet.  signed HM Timelord