Tuesday, 8 December 2015

First roller racing competition in the Roller Racing Republic winter series at Fausto's

Last night a full team of six men and six women with spares in case of breakages went down to Faustos coffee bar in Mirfield to take on the might of Ravensthorpe CC in their newly inaugurated roller league.

The event consisted of :

a) 6 heats at 500m for men and women with a further final heat between the two fastest riders from each club for the men and women.

b) two heats for men and women at 1000m

c) two heats for men and women at 2000m

The end result was a convincing win for the Imperial men and a hard fought draw for the Imperial women.

I don't have access to the individual times at this stage but once Richard from Ravensthorpe has posted them I will copy them up.

Our next match will be on Monday 21st at 7pm at the same location against Wakefield Tri Club.

All welcome. I think we already have all our ladies confirmed for this but if any gents want to try their luck they should let me know.

El capitan

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