Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Tale of a Broken Chain and the Lure of John Barleycorn by our man in the peleton Nimrod

A bit of a bad start on Thursday evening nearly reaching the end of Commercial Street before having to stop to attend to the above chain,            no one should be strong enough to break a chain in February !  After a reasonable wait and now all suitably cold we continued into the night and headed for the ford at Brighouse. Safely negotiated we all made it to the top of the hill, Andy some what lagging behind still suffering from last weeks  high speed crash (40 mph +  hitting the ground and then being struck by Gary also travelling at eye watering speed)
          Any way after that it all went downhill including the uphill bits and we lost riders into the night. Dawdling along and waiting at various spots to make sure we did not retain any gained heat we failed to regroup but as the hour was pressing we headed for the evenings named hostelry . But within minutes of gaining the Three Pigeons the peleton passed that fine establishment the Cross Keys and many weaker souls could not resist the call of additional time with John Barleycorn and turned their wheels in that direction. Madam IPOO and two other much more resolute characters made it to the designated spot where they were met by El President who had been drinking all alone for many hours ,well a 1/2 anyway
         About twenty riders had departed the GPO earlier that evening three made it to the pub, indeed a high attrition rate.  .JK later reported arriving home the same day he had departed.   

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