Sunday, 17 April 2016

G.H. Stancer rides 17.04.2016 by EDDIE ENERGY

So on the page of the Calderdale CTC (Cycling UK) Gazette that I looked at; Calderdale CTC special events, it said the GHS Rides started at Lotherton Hall at 09:45 a.m. Only really decided to do this at 22:00 the night before, so did not think Colin would have been too pleased to get a call at that time. 

So we set off in reasonable time. We actually arrived at 09:25, and saw no one, but two tints we did not know! We spent about 15 minutes looking for registration, but to no avail. I checked online, and could only find details of East Yorkshire rides from Cottingham, which with today's headwind might have been a better starting point! I said enough is enough, and set off exactly at 09:45. Rebecca had decided to meet me further on, as the 65 miles would have been too tough at the moment for her. So I caned it to Cawood and was doing 20 to 22 mph, thought I was doing well until a massive 3RT and VS cycles peleton came flying past, I got sucked up to 25 to 26 mph! We stopped at the Cawood control. After the monster peleton got their stamps I spoke with the control dude, who told me that the registration at Lotherton should have been open. He also told me there was another Imp up ahead, but I had no idea who that was. 

He stamped a receipt I had in my wallet, and I headed off. Now back to a more sedate pace of 22mph. I hung a right and headed to Riccal where Rebecca had set up camp by the Church! Having a drink, banana and a rest, we set back off at a much more sedate pace of 12 to 15 mph. The sun was still shining, and the villages of Escrick, Wheldrake and Elvington were very pretty in the April sunshine. We were overtaken quite early on, by a smaller, slower Peleton from Ravensthorpe CC, who shouted, "Come on Halifax!" We finally arrived at about 12:00, we saw Dave Power (CTC), leaving Pocklington, and he shouted hello, and the final control was "Two roundabouts on!".

 After a pleasant lunch, and stamping my receipt we headed back. Ooh! Where did that extra unpleasent person called Ed come from? Not me Eddie Energy, but that pesky Ed Wind! It didn't seem to matter which direction we went in, he was there. This really slowed us down to between 8 and 11 mph! So I took the front and took the brunt. The clouds also had bubbled up, so it was getting chilly too. Eventually we were blown away, not by the wind, but by Queen Margaret's school just outside Escrick! It was time to drop Rebecca and up the pace (she told me to go ahead!) I got up to 15 mph, but that head wind was getting stronger. I got to the Cawood control just in time! I saw a peleton up ahead and tried to catch them, but they disappeared! So still on my own, tapping out about 15 mph, however on the exposed bits near Church Fenton I was straight into the stiff breeze, and dropped to 11 mph! I wanted to do the ride in 5 hours total time.I got back bang on 15:45 exactly 5 hours! When I got to Lotherton, I had 64.6 miles on my odometer, so just had to cycle another quarter of a mile or so to get bang on 65 miles. It's a great ride on flat roads, apart from the wind, but a website with full information was just not findable, oh and when we got back, we found another entry in the Gazette, under the tints page, which had different times in...

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