Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Wednesday Run, or a Spring Time Saunter  by Nimrod our man in the peleton

The usual Wednesday run departed as normal from Shelf roundabout at 10.00am but alas only five brave souls turned out. It was decided the "wet weather" destination would be in order....... New Miller Dam.  So in lashing rain and a force 5/6 wind blowing up the chuff it was down the Green Way to Dewsbury and onward. The sun appeared at Dewsbury canal basin to lure us passed the cafe there, well most of us anyway , Steve S having lost the use of his fingers decided the lure of hot tea and a bacon sandwich was better than another drenching in the icy rain.
New Miller Dam was reached in sunshine and remained with us long enough to entice us on a long return leg. It soon turned to heavy rain and hail and a force 6/7 head wind but we did make it home eventually all the better for the 58 or so miles*............20 less than last week and twice as hard. On dismounting Peeps commented that when he got home it was certainly a 3 glass (red wine) and a potato juice run. I just went off to  sit in the shower for the rest of the day.

*  Well thats what Pete Horne said anyway !

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