Sunday, 8 May 2016

Report of the Official Car Assisted Club run to the 90th Annual Coxwold Cyclists' service

Knowing that the weather today was due to be the same or better than yesterday it was with gladsome hearts that the crew of the good tandem Pino Hase leapt from their kingsize, donned shorts or longs depending on the standard of shaving of the legs (No names, no pack drill but see pictures...), matching (not Imps today) shirts and sallied forth to attach the wee beastie to the rack on the back of the car.

Thence to the assembly point in Cow Green car park to meet up with the CTC (I'm not using that silly new name thank you very much..) and two further Imps-CTC hybrids one of whom was actually sporting the club jersey (well done Graham Lloyd) and one who, like the Manns, was not - Reid Anderson.

Reid had arranged an enormous van courtesy of Streetbikes for those who required portage of their steeds. After the usual faffing all was safely gathered in and a convoy of white van man and sundry other motorised contraptions set forth for the scintillating M62/A1M jaunt to the car park in Boroughbridge.

Thence of course more faffing to unload steeds from vans, rear racks, roof racks and inside sundry other conveyances.

Once everyone sorted out the Manndem was readied as we were going our own usual route via the Aldwark toll bridge whilst CTC were going on theirs via the cafe in Thirsk.

Picture of white van and sundry milling cyclists in a car park.

Now it is a well know fact of life that starting off on a Pino Hase is a trifle difficult compared to a regular tandem and this was more than admirably demonstrated by its crew who set off and then started to head towards a parked car at which point the captain turned a trifle too Mannfully and the thing started to lean to the left in an unsuitable manner.

So the Captain put down his foot as he would on the standard tandem but the totally different weight distribution, with Mrs Stoker being at the front and lower down, rendered the aforementioned leg unable to stop the slide to the left and hey presto one tandem and crew on floor in front of the 20 or so assembled CTCers.

Mrs Stoker's feet remained in the pedals and the Captain's bars broke the fall so that neither crew member was more than marginally damaged and Hase Pino merely suffered a displaced handlebar which was soon restored to its rightful position.

After acknowledging the applause of the crowd with the usual bows, the crew got back on and this time sped Mannfully over the speed bumps and out of the car park in the general direction of Aldborough.  (Not the one in Suffolk by the way, just in case you doubt my directional abilities!)

We sped Mannfully on through the charming villages of Lower Dunsforth and (unsurprisingly) Upper Dunsforth on a road that barely ever sees a car at this time of a morning towards that charming anachronism the Aldwark Toll Bridge. It is free for cyclists to cross and shod with wooden planks that rattle up and down like a glockenspiel on acid.

One year we will go through the deck and into the Ure I'm sure. (He's a poet....)

Then on to Youlton, Alne, and Easingwold where the the hills start...

There are a couple of sharp little climbs on the back road from Easingwold to Coxwold (known to us as "the hole in the wall road" due to the fact it emerges between really big walls in the lovely estate of Newborough Priory.)

The biggest problem with climbing them today was the fact that the temperature was around 25 degrees C!

How the WI do food

Anyway we arrived at the village hall and were once again (this is an annual plan) first into the refreshments. The scale of which is clearly demonstrated by the picture above and the picture below demonstrates just how much one stoker needs to eat just to manage a few's all hers I tell you

Samantha adds to the WI funds

After helping the WI funds by the purchase of enough food to feed a small army for a week we wended our way to the church on the hill for a quick choir practice of the chosen piece before the service began.

The choir - ladies section

The service was as usual colourful, musical and the speaker was excellent and brief.  He was also the bishop of Selby and had ridden in on his Trek.  Chapeau to that prelate!

The colourful congregation

At the end of the service as usual a decorated wheel was placed on the grave of Canon Gibson Black who established the event in 1926.

 The wheel of remembrance

A rear view of a bishop in pilgrim vestments and lycra! I think the Canon would have approved.

Once the church had emptied and the memorial placed on the grave with due solemnity it was a quick sprint back down the hill to add further to the WI funds and prevent food wastage!

"Please sir can I have some more?" Food hooverer back at the scene of her previous triumph.

Then it was time to jump on the back of the CTC peleton for the direct and almost hill-less return to Boroughbridge which was undertaken in fairly short order due to the forgiving nature of the terrain.

On one of the many sweeping bends on the trip back that doyen of the lense Mr John Keighley managed to get an action shot of the Pino Hase beast in motion rather than posing inert or lying upended on the floor...

The beast approaches the turn - note the clear signalling unlike the rest of 'em!

And they are round the bend......

Then time for a final farewell group pose before everyone schlepped back to the West Riding

A ride in good company with great weather and good food and even a bit of a sing song. Roll on the 100th anniversary.  If you weren't there you missed a great day.


  1. Hahaha! Excellent ride report! And I have a nice bruise on my arm from the initial user malfunction.......

  2. Good fun to read, sorry to have missed it

  3. Good fun to read, sorry to have missed it


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