Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mille Pennines Ride Report - the first half - by Everybody's Hero Paul Cre

Day 1
1. Arnside 60km
A quick dry start 44kmh at some points.
I realised after an hour or so that I'd left my water bottles in my car.
We got to the control before the Albion pub opened, so went to the shop opposite.
A group of about 20 arrived.
Only the 3 of us set off (Adrian, Sean and I) together.
We road the The Westmorland Spartans 300km together.
2. Whinlatter Pass 71 -> 131km
Slower pace and getting a bit wetter.
Weird weather going up Whinlatter Pass could see the rain evaporate from the road.
I was very hungry and had baked potato with beans and cheese, chocolate cake and a pot of tea.
Felt a lot better after some hot food.
3. Seascale 45 -> 176km
Headed for Hardnott Pass and Wrynose Pass.
I was lucky with traffic that I could pick my route up Hardnott unhindered.
Wrynose seemed easy in comparison.
Saw a sign for bike shop in Windermere so got 2 water bottles and some oil (just in case it rains heavily).
The cafe was shut so had to pick up some food at the supermarket on the corner.
Stood inside out of the wind to eat.
4. Askrigg 108 -> 284km
Night riding for the first time at a slow pace.
Sean was having problems with his leg.
Day 2
5. Stanhope 66 -> 350km
Sean abandoned at the start going straight to the train station.
Some of this route was sort of familar as Adrian and I had done the route in the other direction in the Tan Hill 600 km.
6. Kielder 87 -> 437km
Still familiar roads.
Adrian riding slowly.
I waited at the top of the first hill ascending from Stanhope.
He said that I should go on my own otherwise it would 6am before got back to the sleep stop.
I relunctantly left him behind.
Weather getting worser and worser.
By the time I was alongise the lake at Kielder the rain was that bad that I might as well of swam across the lake.
I was thinking it will be ok I can get some hot food at Keilder.
No such luck just crappy corner shop / post office.
I was slightly pissed off, although the rain had stopped.
I had some "Swedish" meatballs and a DIY ham sandwich.
4 riders decided to abandon there, staying in the last 2 vacant rooms the B&B.
Another rider said that he'd get accommodation at Lockerbie.
7. Lockerbie 68 -> 505km - HALFWAY !!
I left them all there and set off on my own again.
Got my first puncture going over a dodgy cattle grate.
Weather stayed dry all the way to Lockerbie.
I caught and passed some riders and road with 2 of them into Lockerbie, they decided to only have a quick stop at petrol station.
I went to the same takeaway I'd used on the Tan Hill audax, which had a comfy sofa and chair.
Had a donner kebab, with salad.
Riders that I'd passed started to arrive a fill the takeaway, all glad that the weather was better and we'd finally got dry.


  1. Aiden was probably lucky to be left. With no MacDonalds and Paul in starving mode Aiden may have come very close to having been eaten.

    1. It's the eyes not working for Aiden read Adrian.

  2. Aiden was probably lucky to be left. With no MacDonalds and Paul in starving mode Aiden may have come very close to having been eaten.


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