Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mille Pennines Part 2 - By Big Paul

8. Penrith 71 -> 576km
Another quick part doing over 30 kmh, because of a tail wind and long straight road, which I ridden the other way with Adrian.
Making good time until I heard a twang and run over something metal. Looked down but could see anything wrong so continued while the going was good.
Eventually I started hearing a repeating clicking sound, stopped to find that I had half a spoke flapping around from the rim. The wheel was still dead straight (another advantage of disk brakes).
Tried snapping it off completely but I couldn't so just wrapped it around 2 spokes to get it out of the way and continued.
It started getting dark and evenually was completely dark.
I caught another 2 riders up and asked them if they had spoke key. One of the did but was the wrong size? But he managed to snap the spoke.
They asked me to hold 2 beds for them in Askrigg and continued on.
After a while I was getting tired and did not want to pass the Penrith.
Had to ask a bloke coming out of a takeaway at around midnight whether the town was in was Penrith or not.
It was Carlisle, asked how to get Penrith he said to was about 20 miles up the road and asked if I a B&B there.
I just thanks, releaved that i hadn't passed it and the control.
When I eventually got to Penrith I found a takeway open and had a "beef" burger and 2 cans of coke with all the drunks.
9. Askrigg 70 -> 646km
Passed 2 riders about halfway.
This part was pretty uneventful, mainly due to my awesome dynamo light that enabled me to power on without worry.
That was until I got another puncture 11km from the sleep stop.
As it was pitch black I continued on very slowly looking for something with a light.
Found a house with a light on outside. Went through the gate fixed it as quickly as possible.
I finished and then their dogs started barking so I rushed off.
Got in around 3 am. In bed around 4am after eating beans on toast and rice pudding and drinks lots and lots of cups of tea.
Day 3
10. Yarm 64 -> 710km approx
Got up at about 08:30 had a good 4 hours sleep so was well refreshed.
Had cornflakes and yet more tea.
Set off at about 09:30.
The sun was out and the going was good and I felt good and had a tailwind
Some lovely roads and views.
Caught a rider at some traffic lights he advised that he'd abandoned and was just out for a ride, he was just going to Yarm and heading to Blackpool.
As I got to Yarm I seeing seeing signs advising that Yarm was left, but was pointing straight on.
Decided to follow the route.
Then on a roundabout I saw one the guys that I ridden into Lockerbie with.
He said to use the petrol station or go down into Yarm.
Petrol station it was then, meal deal and a mocha.
11. Robin Hood's Bay 65 -> 775km
Weather still good thankfully all the way and more lovely roads and views and still a tailwind.
Enoying the ride thinking I'm heading to the east coast only to turn round and head for the west coast.
I passed the tandem and on a decent nearly came off when some motorcycles were coming the other way and I had to manoeuvre round them.
Then remembered I had a puncture last night and probably hadn't pumped up the tyre fully.
Got to the top the hill admired the view for a while and had a drink and yep the tyre was not hard. Obviously I rectified that.
Had fish and chips in the regular stop just before the decent to the beach, it was a cafe previously for the Pendle 600.
12. Thirsk 77 -> 852km
3 climbs at 33% OMG. I knew one of them was Rosedale Chimney no idea of the other 2.
The first came very soon after Robin Hood's Bay.
Got about halfway up and my legs told me you either do this climb or the rest of the ride.
So walking it was then. The next was soon to follow. I got off pretty much as it started to go over 25%.
Saw a sign for Rosedale 8 miles.
Which was good meaning that in about 9-10 miles all the big steep climbs would be behind me.
Got to the corner just before the steep bit and got off (same place as last time, previously due to a freshly broken collarbone).
I was feeling good and passed another set of riders on the decent.
As expected the ride was much flatter, but had a head wind.
I caught up passed 3 riders, however I stopped a petrol station for a drink and fill up my water bottles.
Bought some milk, something to eat (can't remember what) and some water for my bottles.
Pretty much downed the milk and realised just as I finishing it tasted funny.
I thought too late now and I'd better get back on my bike.
I headed up the road and saw signs 25% descent caravans prohibited.
When I finally got to the descent reovertaking the riders I'd passed previously I plummeted down the hill.
As I was plummeting thinking this is a amazing and scarily crazy.
There wasn't much in Thirsk so I another meal deal in the supermarket.
13. Askrigg 60 -> 912km
I was just about to pass a rider with about 20km to go they continued and missed a turn.
I went back and followed the route only to see them and pass the rider further up the road.
Got to the sleep stop just as it was getting dark at 22:30 feeling good.
Had beans on toast, rice pudding and lots and lots of tea.
I had previously planned that it if I was feeling good I would ride on through the night.
Other riders were also going through the same thoughts. One guy decided to have 2 hours and set off a 2am. Others getting up at 4am.
A group who arrived a little after me said they were eating and continuing on.
I had another cup of tea got my stuff together.
Day 4
14. Bispham 100 -> 1012km
I set off around midnight and once again my dynamo light was showing the way.
Doing some calculations I thought I should get to the finish sometime between 4am and 5am.
Most of the way was pitch black only passing a few building now and then.
Went through a village and as I was turning right a van was coming down the road I was turning into he stopped and asked if I was ok.
I said yes and thanks for stopping, not stopping myself, it was about 2 am and I was heading off into the dark and on a sidenote on schedule for a 4am finish.
Was riding along and then all of a sudden I thought I remember this from the Midnight to Morecambe ride.
When I went through Wray I knew I was on the same route, which I followed up to new road near Lancaster (where I nearly got on the motorway).
I feeling good and was taking a Haribo every few miles, counting them down and then not counting then counting them down.
Went through Lancaster which a nice distraction then past Glasson Dock and on.
Eventually getting to a desolate finish at about 03:50.
So I checked in and took photos.

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