Monday, 12 September 2016

50 Mile TT report by Sarah Burbidge (aka 'Setting the BAR High')

Ok so I'm back. Completed my first 50 mile TT in 2h 15 with an average speed of 22.2mph , and I wasn't last I was at least faster than one man, I didn't stay to see all the results !!
The winning lady recorded a time of 2h 01 the second fastest was at 2h 09 then the third was Me ! , ok so that made me last out of the ladies as the other 4 DNS , but still I'm chuffed also I was on a road bike and they were on full TT bikes with skin suits and proper helmets.. I looked like I'd just turned up for a Sunday social ride but still I gave it my all.
I did receive some funny looks at the start as I started inbetween some really fast men but by the end I received a few chapeaus for recording the time I did on my bike. Well done BIke !! You served me well.
To say I was gonna bail out , I actually really enjoyed it except the head wind on the return leg .. the head wind could have gone to hell !

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  1. Well Imps record I think , will have to check with JanLiz


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