Sunday, 16 October 2016

Imps Club Mountain Time Trial 2016

With the Hon Organiser having once more selected a time and date in keeping with his ongoing record for getting everyone cold and wet in every event he runs, it was a foolhardy hardy band of nine Imps and one Condor who signed on the dotted CTT Club Event Type B Form dotted line..

Eight chaps and two chappesses all completed the course.  In addition a further five hardmen elected to stand at the roadside to oversee proceedings with sundry red flags.

Once again the thanks of the Club and the Organiser to Ian Scott, John Kaye, John Hopkinson, Lewis Clegg and Reid Anderson for devotion to duty.

Some random Star Wheeler who just happened to be passing also helped push off so Mr Clegg could take on his Event Photographer duties - cheers Dave Saleem.

Mr Shaw Club record holder at 10 and 25 awaiting the off

Ms Lee having excercised her woman's perogative by being late for her start goes off last with a stern telling-off

Gargett Minor heading for his pie..

 Mr Ellis using a standard number of wheels on this occaision

 Mr Ginley flying the flag for the Condor....wonder where the rest of them were? Must have flown South for the Winter.

 Ms Burbidge gets going. Not entirely sure what Mr Saleem is doing at this point. Answers on a postcard please.

Mr Lunn demonstrating his contempt for long sleeves 

Mr Brabbin departs blissfully unaware that Mr Saleem has had another unfortunate accident...
 Mr Cre finishing. Apparently he had suffered so badly that he was only able to eat one pie at the HQ...

and finally today's winner Gargett Major

 Just to show you what riders and officials had to endure in case you weren't there and wondered....

And here are the results:

So once again thanks from me to all who rode, marshalled, ran the siging on desk (Betty and Alfie with input from Mrs Mann) and organised the HQ and the pies (Lewis C)

Hon Event Secretary ANM

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