Monday, 1 May 2017

Langsett Sunday Run aka The Dave Saleem Reunion Ride

Well, anybody would think Sunday Runs were the fashion again: There were a whole twelve (12) riders for the Second official club run of the month. Word had even spread to rival clubs as members of Huddersfield Star Wheelers (Dave someone? I definitely recognised him from somewhere) and Condor road club (John Lumb (not the long haired one)) shunned their own clubs' rides in favour of some top bantz with the no.1 club in the region: Hazza Impz.

Ants eye view

Those keeping it real in the gold and blue were: Hoppy, Gadgett, Queen Vic, Sazzy B, The Holster, Rambo, Boom Boom Boom Boom I Want You In My Room, Magic Mark, CockyCocks and me.

The weather was nice all day, but with the odd bit of cloud to prevent any sunburn scenarios, perfect.

So, on with the ride - Dave Saleem was roughly in charge of the route and it was no surprise that he took us more or less immediately to Huddersfield, no doubt in an effort to see his homeboys. Indeed there were scatterings of Star Wheelers seen throughout the ride and most turned out to be long lost friends of his. As we rode up towards Castle Hill, we passed a Yale key complete with lock discarded in the road. One mans trash is another mans treasure and it was no surprise to see Dave Saleem stop to put it in his back pocket.

'I remember when all this was fields'

The roads through Farnley Tyas, Thurstonland and Fulstone were quiet, undulating and mostly well tarmacced. Before dropping down to Millhouse Green we stopped at the viewpoint above, near the windmills and parked our bikes to examine the territory. I thought it was a good opportunity for a photo opp, what with four of us out in the new, old retro kit. The idea was for a group faux-urination photo and the results speak for themselves. Rest assured though, that no liquid left our bladders at this time. We wouldn't want to spoil Jason's new club socks after all (click here to purchase).


Shortly after Millhouse Green the girls split off and made a more direct route to the cafe stop in Langsett, while the boys headed to Midhopstones before looping back around to meet for lunch. It was a popular day for cyclists and we headed in as 3RT were heading out. Thankfully tantrums were avoided as the cafe had the magic combination of beans and toast, and didn't refuse to serve it after midday.

The route back was similarly hilly and we headed back through Millhouse Green and past the windmills before visiting Shelley and Emley Moor. Something had been irking me throughout the ride and I hadn't been able to pinpoint what. I finally realized that it was Jason's bibshorts: they had pants underneath them. I reprimanded him on breaking cycling etiquette and all will be relieved to hear that on subsequent sightings he has been un-panted when on a bike.

At Grange Moor we heard the unusually out of place hoot of a steam train's whistle. Of course it  turned out to be a steam powered road vehicle, we stopped to admire its majesty.

Hot and Steamy

The end point of the ride was the Roundhill Inn, a new one for me, and fortunately for us they have a weekly cheese and biscuits buffet on a Sunday. I had three pints here, and the highlight of the pub session had to be Hoppy and Dave recounting the story of when, on an autumn tour several years ago, Hoppy continued drinking into the night once everybody else had gone to bed. When he left the pub he went to his room to find it was locked and he didn't have a key. He couldn't wake anybody and he couldn't get back in the pub, so off he trudged to the nearby horse-shed and kipped under some straw. The horse he was sharing the accommodation with was a little bemused but mostly let him be. Apparently the stench when he came into breakfast the next morning was unbearable and he looked a little worse for wear with bits of straw sticking out of his jersey.

That was the second episode in our series of  'Hoppy is forced to sleep outside a pub and cohabit with various animals.'

Thanks everybody for coming out and I believe Jason may be next in line to organise a ride. Sounds like it's gonna be a long'un...

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