Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Time Trial Training 1 August 2017

Tonight saw the debut of the Timelord's newest two wheel acquisition viz the Thorn Voyager tandem which was stoked for a one lap time prior to the arrival of the main field by wicked step-daughter Sally with the added advantage of time keeping by Mrs Timelord aka Mum. (no bias there at all..)

Both tandem and stoker acquitted themselves admirably and the Timelord was pleased with the set up of the new machine. Unfortunately the stoker is buggering off back to Mexico tomorrow so that seat is once again vacant....any volunteers?

One further new face joined us tonight - welcome to Jamie who put in a time that placed him 10th overall for the season thus far.

A considerable wind was blowing but this did not prevent Richard from reducing his PB time for the second week in a row in search of that sub 19 minute Holy Grail. Chapeau and keep at it.

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