Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rolling along.

Well, we deferred it slightly over previous years, but we could no longer hold back the tide of insatiable demand for suffering in the cellars of Salterhebble Coop (as was).

So once more the Tardis of Time was landed in the gloomy depths of the underworld that is the Roller Cellar.

Having been kept waiting for nearly an extra month we found five regulars shaking for their "fix" and one new face still to be sucked into the never ending cycle (you see what he did there?) of pain that leaves you wanting more...

The regulars were not yet ready to set any PBs but new addict Matthew managed to PB on ride 2 of his 3 and was forced to wear the Fez of Success for the picture of humiliation appended below:

Personally I think it matches rather well with his top...Chapeau!

And here below are the results for the six starters of the season:

Well done all and we hope to see a few more of you next week.  The Faustos League will be starting soon and your Captain needs you!

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