Sunday, 20 May 2018

Official Sunday Club run 2018 number 2

Having volunteered to take on the second official Sunday run I managed to get myself to the Piece Hall in plenty of time to take a picture of my recently polished machine and have a lie down on one of the seats...

Not enough time to ensure the picture was in focus it would seem though.......

I will refrain from trying to remember everyone's names and getting them wrong - just suffice it to say we had eight riders in total. Several new faces to me and one first time possible new member.  Sadly I had no membership forms stuffed in my jersey so Lewis will have to catch Mr Page later.

Here is the assembled rabble group in pre-depart pose, similarly slightly out of focus. Bugger this bright sunshine stuff!

Weather very warm, wind very light. Route already checked last Thursday so just a simple matter of getting everyone to the Cellar Pot cafe in Newmill for refreshment stop one whilst trying not to get dropped too badly on the hills on the way.....everyone always waited at the top for the aged ride captain...  :)

Regrettably we lost one member on the descent to Uppermill due to his only taking one left instead of two on the drop down.  He just spent lots of time in the second cafe in Holmfirth instead but was never seen again that day......

Cafe was suitably quiet as I had hoped it would be as it isn't visible from the roadside!  This view is the back - the frontage on the main road is actually level with the second floor windows and the cafe is at the lower level. The "Cellar Pot" is its name and all day breakfast is a massive £4.95!!

Back view of cafe above with interior shot below:

Cafe stop done we set off once more to climb the never ending upward slopes of Saddleworth Moor up to Wessenden, stopping briefly in my case to speak to a certain Mr Saleem who was coming downwards as we went up.

Three quarters of the way up I was passed as if I was standing still (which to be honest wasn't far from the mark) by Jack who had obviously not read the memo about starting at 09.30am and joined us for the rest of the ride.

After an excellent descent at speed we stopped for coffee and similar items at The Bloc cafe in Holmfirth. All very continental in the sun and heat.

After coffee stop two we chain-ganged our way straight to Huddersfield and thence to Halifax Old Road and up to Ainley Top where all went their merry ways home.

It is with a heavy heart that the ride Captain has to report that he and he alone went for a pint...standards are slipping....

All in all we had a good if somewhat hot day. Devoid of encounters with muppets in motors for once. 

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