Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Time Trial Training Week 4

Another sunny if somewhat blustery evening saw 5 additions to the names for 2018 with a total field of 10 riders and 2 spectators in addition to the Timelord who had warmed the course up for everyone else by taking Trike 4 round it first. 

A night for PBs with FIVE in total including one for Gabby on her newly acquired Liv machine. (Thanks dad.)

She's so keen she carried on riding round with the old man after the timed two laps when all the rest had retired to the Spring Rock....further PBs are expected once she has got the hang of the new machine.

Special mention to Nikola who is of course riding a personal two-up!

Lewis dipped under the 20 minute mark despite being baulked by a bus and a cyclist in a car who decided to park on the finish line as Lewis was passing it and then got out and asked if there was a "a race on" whilst unloading a bike to go for a ride.....need to invent a new pejorative for that kind of dumb. Suggestions on a postcard please.

Well done to everyone and let's keep these numbers going!

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